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Refresh your wooden floors in Fulham

         The ‘Father of the English Novel’ wrote his first great success here...

The novel has transformed itself over the past 300 hundred years into all kinds of experimental forms.  A natural wooden floor needs no such playing around with to keep its place in properties of every kind: in the home, office, bar, restaurant, gallery, school or shop.  

What it does need is a makeover when digs, scratches and dullness have taken over the surface.  Just what you get when you call upon the experts:


         In wood floor repair and restoration..

                   The Fulham Floor Resurface Company


Whatever its age and condition

And whatever its type:

                   - solid or engineered boards; parquet or herringbone blocks.


We’ll give you the best advice

         and provide the complete floor renovation service:

                  - replacing damaged timber

                  - repairing missing boards or blocks

                  - sanding away old paint and sealant

                  - staining the smooth wood to change the colour

                  - resealing with a fresh protective layer -

                        - choose natural oil, hard wax or lacquer.


With minimal mess and disruption:

                  - 99% dust free sanding from our cylinder machines;

                   A flexible approach to suit your working schedule.


                   Make use of our having restored hundreds of floors for over twenty years..

                   Call us for your FREE assessment today!

                             The Fulham Floor Refurbish Services


       Samuel Richardson (1689-1761) began his literary career at an early age: when 13, he was writing love letters for young couples.


He developed a successful printer’s and publisher’s and moved to his ‘country house’, North End at Fulham in 1739.  


       ‘Pamela or Virtue Rewarded’ is regarded as the first modern novel.  This was not the first attempt at an epistolary work (in the form of letters ‘edited’ by the author) but Richardson took this ‘writing for the moment’ to a new level.  


       This moralistic and realistic tale of a young girl was a hit with both the public and the literary world.  Richardson’s two other novels are in the same form, written in the grotto of his garden until he moved in 1754.  He had a wide circle of friends and his books became popular on the continent.

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With over 26 years of sanding knowledge, we're dedicated to making sure that your wooden floors always get the best  restoration service there is.




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Professional Floor Sanding & Finishing in Fulham
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Fulham Floor Sanding Co.

4 Essential tips for timber floor sanding


There is no doubt that a beautifully sanded and finished timber floor is exquisite to look at. It will add not only value to a property financially but also aesthetically. After a while though, timber floors can need a little loving care to make sure they stay looking in top shape. While timber floor sanding can be tricky and best left to a professional, some brave people like to have a go at DIY floor sanding themselves instead.


With that in mind, we look at 4 top tips to bear in mind when sanding a timber floor:


1. Prepare the surface first


As floor sanding tips go, this is fantastic. Before you fire the sanding machine up, have a good check of the floor's surface first. Remove any debris and punch any nails below the level of the timber so they don't snag the sanding machine. If this leaves a hole then fill in with putty of the same colour.


                                                                        2. Sand at the right angle


                                                                        This is crucial for timber floor sanding! For softwood you need to be sanding at a 45 degree angle

                                                                         across the grain and for hardwood it is a 15 degree angle. This gives a level floor and opens up  

                                                                         the grain for the application of any finishing products.


                                                                        3. Use an edge sander


                                                                        When you have finished sanding the centre of the floor with the

regular floor sander, you need to use an edge sander to match up with the centre sanding.

Using these two in conjunction will avoid any unevenness or discolouration.


4. Warn your neighbours


This seems a trifling matter but it is really worth it! Sanding machines can be pretty noisy so it is best to let

your neighbours know about the work in advance out of common courtesy.


If you follow these handy floor sanding tips, they will help you get the finish you need and spruce up your

current timber floor. It can be tricky though so if you're unsure, it really is best to call in a professional and let

them do all the hard work for you.

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